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We all know exercise is good for us.  But if the exercise is causing pain or numbness it's hard to keep going.  Bicycling is a great cardio-vascular exercise.  So why do we have pain and numbness and what can we do about it? 


Constriction of Blood Vessels
Peripheral vascular (puh-RIF-uh-rul VAS-kyoo-ler) disease can happen when the openings in your blood vessels become narrow and not enough blood gets to your buttocks, legs or feet. You may feel pain in your buttocks, the back of your legs, or your thighs when you ride, stand or walk after your ride.  However an external physical cause of constriction or blockage of the blood vessels can also cause pain and numbness.  Sitting on hard seats may cause pain and numbness.  "The duration of each bout of symptoms can last from minutes to hours.  The amount of pain or discomfort varies between people.  Symptoms usually go after each bout, but one or more whitish areas may persist in the most severe cases."  Avoid bicycle riding may relieve symptoms, but how can we ride for pleasure or exercise and avoid the pain and numbness?

Nerve symptoms
Numbness (loss of feeling) and/or tingling (pins and needles) in one or more parts of the body may develop. It may be mild and just affect a small area and may 'come and go'. In severe cases a permanent numbness may extend along affected areas. In many people the severity of nerve symptoms is somewhere in between these two extremes. Sometimes one area  is badly affected with other areas only mildly affected.

Our bicycle seats are healthier - Perineal numbness (known as numb-butt syndrome), erectile dysfunction and impotency are emerging as health concerns among bicyclists.  Our seats are designed with these issues in mind - having no nose will reduce trauma in the groin area from nasty bumps and spills; a wider, foam padded seat support your buns and maintain the central cutout, reducing pressure and increasing blood circulation.

Try the EasySeat for maximum groin relief!

Try the Ultra-Soft GELcushions for maximum softness!


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Use our bicycle seats and seat covers on your exercise bike or stationary bike, plus fits street bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, comfort bikes, and mopeds too. 

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